CNB Yachts

Exclusive Blue Water Yachts

Founded in 1987, CNB Yachts belongs to Solaris Group, with which it shares the same values and passion for sailing. Between the two brands they have a wide expertise and know-how based on experience and attention to detail that has led them to build many legendary sailing yachts, consolidating their reputation and excellence. 

Offering a high level of customisation and flexibility, the CNB Yachts design team feels as a sailor before thinking as an engineer; these are yachts built by sailors for sailors. The craftsmanship in the interior finishes stands out, breaking away from industrial standards and offering a quality in the assemblies worthy of goldsmithing, always looking for functionality and endurance at sea. 

Built to last, the structure of its yachts is one-piece, with bulkheads laminated to the hull to ensure strength and rigidity. CNB sailboats offer the perfect balance between modern and classic, performance and seaworthiness, with a unique and timeless design, a CNB is instantly recognisable. 

Designed for long journeys, powerful and balanced, Hermanos Guasch is the exclusive distributor of CNB yachts throughout the Spanish peninsula.


What customers
of us.

Extremely easy to navigate

I was lucky enough to purchase a Flyer 9 Sundeck with Hermanos Guasch. From the first contact, the sales department understood our needs and advised us impeccably. It is an agile boat, fast, extremely easy to handle even for people with little experience as in our case. It impresses both the habitability on deck to enjoy with family and friends, as well as the interior space. A totally recommendable boat and a guarantee to count on the experience of Hermanos Guasch.



Flyer 9 SUNdeck

The best Beneteau dealership

Without a doubt, the best Beneteau dealer in Spain, and for my work I know a few. They have the best facilities, and on a personal level I would also say that they are the best in Spain in service, speed and professionalism.

Esther C.


Flyer 8 SUNdeck

5 stars service

First class staff attention, from the first contact by email. Very professional, expert, helpful and friendly staff. Boat delivered on time, complete to the last detail and very professional and attentive delivery operation. 5 star service in all aspects.

Maurizio U.


Antares 8 OB

Total trust

I have total reliability in the service and the product they offer. For years the charter fleet of the company I manage has been based exclusively on Beneteau boats purchased from Hermanos Guasch. In addition, the support and attention received in the insurance management is a plus that we value very much.

Toni S.


Flyer 9 SPACEdeck