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Some tips before hiring an insurance policy for my boat

When it comes to choosing the best insurance for your recreational boat, it is important to choose a company that you know will be there for you whenever you need it and that has no small print to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Hermanos Guasch collaborates with MAPFRE insurance company because of all the benefits it offers to our customers:

·         We know that when you decide, you want it now. That's why we have an online insurance certificate, so you can go sailing right away!

·         You have towing of the boat with Salvamento Marítimo to the nearest port in case of breakdown at sea.

·         Covers rescue expenses of the boat and occupants.

·         You are covered when you participate in club regattas.

·         It adapts to your needs, whether you want to enjoy sailing with your boat, as if you destine it to rent or for organized excursions.

·         You can even insure your light sailing boat, even if it does not have an engine and its length is less than 6 meters. It is not mandatory, but we recommend it.

·         It covers damage caused by the skipper or the towing cable.

·         When clients use our services, they discover the MAPFRE quality that distinguishes us as leading specialists.

There are different coverages that you should be aware of before taking out insurance for your boat. In addition, there are several possible combinations that allow you to have from a very basic coverage of only the civil liability (known as minimum mandatory insurance) to a total coverage, better known as “full coverage".

These are the main aspects of the insurance that you should know and check:

·         Geographical Coverage: Do not forget to notify your insurance the waters in which you plan to navigate with your boat:

o   In inland waters of Spain.

o   In all the Spanish and Portuguese coastline and the rest of the European Union.

o   On crossings to the Canary Islands and/or Balearic Islands.

o    All over the world.

·         Property Damage Coverage. We recommend that you opt for comprehensive coverage, with or without excess. It offers ample coverage for loss or material damage to the boat (hull, engine, accessories and sails):

o   Sea, river, lake and navigable water hazards.

o   Fire and explosion.

o   Piracy, crash or collision.

o   Earthquake, volcanic eruption and lightning strike.

o   Theft of the boat and its equipment.

o   Malicious acts.

o   Transportation by road.

o    Rescue expenses.

o    Removal of wreckage. 

·         Extended Personal Liability Coverage. As a complement to the property damage coverage, you can extend the personal liability limits, adapting them to your needs:

o   Extended option 1:

Compensation limit: 1.000.000€.

o   Extended option 2:

Compensation limit: 1.500.000€.

o   Extended option 3:

Maximum limit per loss: the insured value of the boat in property damage.  

·         Accident Coverage: Are you worried about the occupants of your boat?

o   Per occupant mode: death, permanent disability, medical assistance.

o   Per loss: The premium is considered as a single premium regardless of the number of occupants. Maximum 12 occupants.

·         Legal Defense Coverage.

·         Coverage for Towing at sea:

o   The towing of the insured boat to the nearest port due to inability to navigate by its own means is covered. 

·         Wreck Removal Coverage:

o   Covers the expenses of removal of wreckage of the insured vessel as long as the competent authorities legally oblige the removal of such wreckage.

·         Personal belongings coverage:

Personal belongings owned by the insured and/or his/her family, which are on board the insured boat, due to theft or loss of the boat, are covered.