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When is it necessary to hire a nautical surveyor?

Sometimes it is necessary to have an expert point of view to help people who are not involved in the nautical sector to make a purchase decision or to speed up certain procedures with the insurances. The most common situations in which the services of a marine surveyor or inspector are usually hired are:

·         In a pre-purchase process of a used boat.

o   To help you identify pre-existing problems or hidden defects.

o   A good inspection will give you peace of mind and the assurance that the boat is exactly as the seller says it is.

o   It will allow you to adapt your purchase offer to the actual condition of the boat.

·         If your boat has been damaged in any way.

o   A professional surveyor will establish the true extent of any damage and help you supervise that repairs are carried out satisfactorily.

·         In case of an accident.

o   An expert can be hired to justify and argue the necessary repairs to your insurance company through his expert report.