Sell a ship

Why use the services of a Nautical or Brokerage company to sell my boat?

When the time comes to sell the boat in which you have lived so many experiences and memories, you always wonder what the best way to do it is: Do I manage it myself? Is it worthwhile to have a nautical company or a broker to do it? Am I aware of all the work this implies? Will I have time to visit it and negotiate it with potential buyers?

Bellow, we give you 6 reasons why you should trust a professional nautical or brokerage company to carry out the whole process of selling your pleasure boat correctly.

1.     Help to determine a fair selling price in accordance with the market.

To ensure the sale of your boat, it is essential to ask for a fair price. A nautical or brokerage company has access to databases with the selling prices of boats similar to yours with which you can establish the fair market value for your boat and therefore an appropriate selling price.

2.    Preparation of a marketing strategy

A professional nautical company will design a marketing plan for your boat so that it can be advertised in the most advantageous way in the right media.

The objective of the broker or nautical company is to design a marketing campaign through different nautical portals, your website, your database and social networks with the best possibilities to reach the most interested and qualified audience for your boat.

3.    Recommendations when it is time to prepare your boat

These professionals will provide you with suggestions on any improvements that need to be made to your boat in order to compete in today's market. They will identify possible problems and solutions, and help you prepare your boat for sale if you wish.

The Yacht Company or broker may also offer you moorings with increased visibility or a showroom for your boat during the sale process.

4.    Knowledge and experience in the sale and purchase of boats

Nautical or professional brokers have an extensive experience in sale processes and its implications in terms of documentation, contracts, paperwork with the captaincy, taxes, cancellation of leasing, warranties, invoices of sale and other documents necessary to register and transfer the ownership of the boat from the seller to the buyer.

This experience allows them to be the guarantor of the operation between buyer and seller and provides both parties with transparency and guarantees that the operation is carried out correctly.

5.    Sea trial

The buyer will generally request a sea trial and possibly also a survey of the boat.

The nautical or broker, will be able to assist you with the sea trial and possible claims of the surveyor to repair those deficiencies that have been detected in the survey as part of the negotiations of the purchase process.

6.    Commercial team at your disposal

One of the main advantages of using external professional services in the sale of your boat, is to have a commercial team dedicated to the sale of your boat, with full dedication to meet the requests for information from potential buyers, availability to arrange visits, conduct sea trials and negotiate offers, freeing you from having to spend so much time on the sales process.

In addition, with Hermanos Guasch you will receive regular information and updates on the status of the sale of your boat and the advances throughout the process.